Parmida Beigi, PhD

Senior AI/ML Lead, GenAI


Delivering ML/AI, GenAI and analytics solutions for customer-facing teams across diverse sectors including tech, healthcare, retail, and finance, and in a range of domains such as natural language processing, information retrieval and computer vision. Parmida currently serves as a senior AI/ML Lead at Amazon AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and is also the founder of BDQ AI. She holds a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a dual degree in Engineering Management. Parmida develops and executes data-driven strategies and visions for AI/ML initiatives in information retrieval and ranking and LLMs and generative AI on a large scale.

Drove initiatives include: search and recommendation, “talk-to-your-data” LLM enablement, named entity recognition, e2e development of Alexa Local Info entity retrieval ranking internationally, speech recognition improvements across international locales, graph information retrieval and transformer-based entity linking and QnA on Amazon Knowledge Graph for LLM enablement.


At Amazon Artificial General Intelligence, we strive to make the most knowledgable and trusted voice assistant. Parmida is leading the work of entity linking on Amazon Knowledge Graph for LLM support, information retrieval and ranking, as well as speech recognition improvements and NLP related initiatives.


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